Blood, whether coming from humans or animals, is considered to be biologic material that is highly hazardous and posing the risk of spreading a variety of diseases, many of which are lethal for animals as well as for humans. This also means that any situation that involves blood spills of known or unknown origins requires handling by specialized companies called biohazard cleanup companies or crime scene cleanup specialists. Here are some of the most important reasons why blood cleanup requires a professional approach.

Preventing Diseases That Can Be Transmitted Only Through Blood

HIV, hepatitis and Ebola are just a few examples of the diseases that can spread only through direct contact with contaminated blood, the complete list is very long and can go on and on. Whenever there is a situation that involves blood being spilled in a room, the removal of the liquid requires special tools and devices to contain the liquid as well as to remove it from the tiny, often microscopic cracks and holes on the surfaces, such as on flooring and on walls. The process is impossible to handle efficiently and correctly with the substances and tools available in average households, therefore the process always requires blood cleanup professionals.

Old, Dried Blood Is Also Hazardous

Many people assume that blood is no longer a hazardous substance after it dries. According to blood cleanup Denver specialists, the truth is that blood continues to be highly dangerous even after the water content of the liquid has evaporated, therefore the cleanup process requires specialized substances and tools even in that condition. Another aspect that makes a professional approach so important in the case of dried blood stains is that dry blood is even more difficult to remove than liquid blood and the process needs to respect special protocols as well.

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Obvious Blood Stains Are Not the Only Ones That Need Professional Removal

In many situations, blood is present only in invisible form. Just think about a crime scene the cleaning of which has been attempted by the criminal or by someone else with the help of average substance is available in households. In these cases, the bloodstain might no longer be visible or it might be present only in the form of a slight discoloration. However, the presence of blood poses high risks even in these forms and require specialists to determine whether the surfaces affected need to be removed and disposed of or whether they can be cleaned with the help of professional methods.

What The Blood Removal Process Involves

The biohazard cleanup company that you call to remove the blood stain you notice will first of all contain the premises to prevent access to the contaminated area, then the specialists will perform an inspection and evaluation of the area to be cleaned. Based on the findings of the inspection, the best materials and tools to be used will be determined and the cleaning process will take place. Once the premises are completely clean from any pathogens, your specialist will perform a final sanitation and the authorization process, leaving the premises completely safe to use.