In this day and age, job roles can’t be defined, and many sectors are adopting dynamic job roles as a standard. Construction management is one such role that requires a dynamic individual to run it due to its multipurpose role requirements. A construction manager should be able to do the job of an onsite construction supervisor and the financial capabilities of a corporate manager as well. A construction manager should be able to schedule work effectively. Two forms of scheduling are done, the first type of scheduling is planned scheduling that is done before work starting and the second type of scheduling that is done during execution of the construction of the site which is called actual scheduling. A good construction manager should be able to have little to differentiate between actual scheduling and planned scheduling, there are exceptions to this rule in the form natural disasters and other man-made issues, but overall the difference in the two shouldn’t be too huge. So in a way, the construction manager takes up the role of project monitoring to ensure that deadlines are met and that no delay occurs.


The other big responsibility that a construction manager has is quality management. Construction sites are filled a lot of different operations happening at the same time. A construction manager should be able to address the quality issues of various facets of the construction site and ensure that the workers have not cut corners to finish the job quickly. He or she should be able to answer any question regarding quality and specifications that may arise during the construction of the site. They should be able to give a detailed account of what is happening at the site to the management if the need arises and be able to teach the workers about quality standards that need to be upheld to avoid an audit nightmare.

Talking about audits, a construction manager should be able to face audits as well administer them. The corporate side of huge construction companies makes sure that their construction manager is always on their feet ensuring that not only are the projects being done on time but also on done as per the standards of the company. Construction managers themselves conduct audits on a particular site to make sure that no shortcuts were taken in any of the operations and that the constructed building is according to the initial plans that were put forth by the site engineer.

Construction management is of the need of the hour, he or she is an individual who understands the dynamic nature of a construction site and can manoeuvre through corporate challenges as well.