There are many design trends gracing the sites of 2022 Colorado home construction. One of them is the vintage maximalist style that consists of unusual or bohemian warm colors and eclectic or antique pieces of furniture. The patterns and textures are very creative and abide by no rule. Marble, steel and polyester materials are often used to render strange combinations of patterns and multi-layered design.

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Nature-Themed Design

However, this type of style is becoming increasingly less popular because it is being replaced by less chaotic-looking designs that include: soothing pattern plays, wood, stone or brick floors and bold or large prints on rugs, fabrics and walls. Earthy texture and soft fabrics are also making a comeback along with boards on the ceiling and curtains that filter light and provide texture to the room by means of brightness. These elements are part of biophilic design that is meant to create calming environments through natural light, ventilation and visual connection to nature. Nature-themed styles also incorporate plants into the design and employ warm beiges or brown, green and blue shades in order to provide a calming and soothing effect.

The biophilic trend is also characterized by blonde wood furniture that compliments airy spaces meant to bring the outdoors in. In addition, living spaces are enhanced by outdoor furniture and colorful window panes covered by shades or drapery in bold blue with violet-red undertones.

Sustainability, Practicality and Style

Sustainability is also a big part of newer design trends. Using only the best materials for long-term health and the preservation of the eco-system is highly required in Colorado home construction. For instance, silver in paint can help fight off undesired bacteria on the walls and non-plastic materials can help save the environment.

A popular realtor selling new homes Erie CO residents love, says that luxurious bathrooms, calming bedrooms and home libraries are also very trendy and can render a mixture of practicality and style. Similarly, two-tone kitchens are becoming increasingly popular in Colorado. Two-color designs of kitchens can provide charm and delicacy. Moreover, two-tone kitchens can even double as dining or living areas. The two rooms can be combined by means of concealing compartments for the storage of various items. For instance, kitchen equipment (the oven or the kitchen hood) can be hidden by special platforms or closets.

Unique Style and Individual Taste

Ultimately, the lasting style of any new home in Colorado is supposed to be personalized and unique, which is why it should reflect individual taste. Spaces can be tied to pleasurable activities, personal interests and hobbies that reflect the personality of the owner. Such mindful spaces can be designed in accordance with their effect on mental health and emotions.

Some owners feel inspired by 1970ʼs décor, entailing: mustard and terracotta colors, highly textured fabrics and peg legs on tables. Others enjoy the 1980ʼs vibe by employing its gray geometrics or matching rugs and wallcovering. They also love purchasing items from vintage stores to complete their vision. Traditional details offer a sense of comfort, nostalgia and timelessness, which is why owners should feel encouraged to pursue their own sense of style whenever they feel inspired by traditional design.


All in all, new design trends can be a lot fun, since they mean experimenting with different textures and patterns, as well as employing individual taste and personal interests meant to make any house a home.