Choosing the best material for the fence around your commercial property is a serious decision that can feel overwhelming, too. One of the reasons why the task can be so daunting is the wide range of commercial fencing Colorado materials available, so we put together a selection with the best choices.

commercial fencing Colorado

Chain-link Material

Chain-link is the most popular commercial fencing Colorado material used for surrounding commercial properties. What makes the option so popular is quick and easy installation and maintenance, durability and resistance to any weather, including high winds.

Chain-link is made from galvanized or coated steel wires that are hooked together to create the characteristic diamond-shaped pattern. The construction gives special strength to the material and that strength is further enhanced by the strength of the steel wires. The result is a material that resists any weather and that can be used for creating fences of any size.

Installation- and maintenance-wise, chain link is a material that is very easy to handle. All you need for installing a chain-link fence is the right number of properly installed posts and the right quantity of chain-link rolls. Your fence will require hardly any maintenance – if the material gets damaged, the deteriorated part can be simply cut out and replaced.


The synthetic material is durable, resistant to the elements and affordable. Vinyl is somewhat sensitive to strong impact, but other than that, this commercial fencing Colorado material is practically indestructible – it does not rot, it does not rust and it is unattractive for pests. Most vinyl panels and posts are treated with UV-protective materials, therefore the color of the panels will not fade even if they exposed to the harshest sunshine.

In terms of maintenance and repair, your vinyl fence will not need more than occasional cleaning. The material cannot be repaired, so if you notice any cracks or holes in your panels, the only solution is replacement.


A relative newcomer on the fencing material market, composite is made mixing wood, plastic and resin. The material provides all the benefits of the three materials in its composition, such as resistance to the elements, durability and easy handling and it adds some of its own, such as the wide variety of styles and colors designed to create stunningly attractive fences. The material is available in designs that resemble natural wood and stone, therefore it is a great, affordable alternative to the costly and sensitive natural materials.

Barbed Wire

The classic solution for facilities that need superior security, barbed wire is a type of steel fencing made from wire that is twisted into long chords with sharp edges. The material can be used to make up the entire fence or it can be installed on top of the existent fence to prevent climbing over. Barbed wire is usually made from high-quality steel and it is lightweight, but not very attractive, therefore it is most commonly used in agriculture, law enforcement and for perimeter fencing in areas that need extra security and are not directly visible from streets or from other public areas.

Barbed wire is not only one of the most efficient types of fencing – it is also among the most durable and most affordable solution and installation is also quick and easy.