crane hook lifting of steel beam

If you are currently trying to find out as much as you can about metal buildings for sale because your company is planning to invest into one of these popular, durable and affordable structures, here are a few important details about the most common types of metal buildings Colorado construction experts may use.

Arch-type Buildings

Also called Quonset huts, after the location of the first building of this kind in Rhode Island or Nissen huts, after the architect who designed the first building of this type during World War I, these arched metal buildings are the most affordable, most popular and most common solutions for warehouses, for military housing and for agricultural uses.

Arch-type buildings are completely manufactured in factories. The large galvanized steel components that make up the building are assembled at the manufacturing facility, then the building is disassembled and transported to the client’s premises, where the construction is erected again.

The features that make these buildings so popular include the following aspects:

  • The assembly process does not require any special skills, it can be successfully accomplished by average construction laborers;
  • Arch-type buildings come in two basic styles: the original style can be seen in buildings that take the shape of a semi-circle, while the modern version has straight walls and a rounded roof.

Clear Span Buildings

Also called rigid frame or I-beam buildings, clear span metal constructions enjoy even more popularity than arch-type buildings. The term I-beam is derived from the shape of the trusses used for support in these structures – they look like giant I’s. What makes these types of metal buildings so popular is that they come with almost no width restrictions, so they are equally suitable for small and very large buildings. Clear span buildings have no interior support structures, so they offer obstruction-free interior spaces suitable for industries that move large machines regularly or for large office spaces.

Multiple Span Buildings

This type of metal buildings also uses large I-shaped trusses and straight walls, but they also have internal support columns, which makes them suitable for even larger constructions. The interior columns can be located according to the owner’s specifications to optimize unobstructed space inside the building, making multiple span buildings suitable not only for industrial or agricultural applications, but for churches and office buildings as well.

Customization and Interior Design

All three types of metal buildings offer lots customization options – the interior walls can be clad and painted as needed in order to achieve the desired appearance, the exterior walls can be insulated and clad as well for a personalized look and the internal columns of multiple span buildings can also be concealed with various interior design solutions.


Metal buildings are sold by brokers who act as middlemen between clients and manufacturers or directly by steel building manufacturers. If you have made up your mind about the size and the type of the steel building that you need, you can start browsing the metal buildings for sale offered by both types of sourcers and you can also turn to any of them for consultation related to design and assembly.