The weather causes millions of dollars of damage to houses all over the country, weather-related property damage accounting for more than half of all home insurance claims. The building component that is the most vulnerable to the damage caused by extreme events is the roof – whether the roof on your building is simple or it features multiple slopes, whether it is flat or high-pitches, made from asphalt shingles, slate, metal or some other material, it can be hit hard by extreme weather. If your roof sustains such damage, the first thing to do is to enlist the help of experts – first, you should call your insurance agent or your insurer’s help line for instructions regarding the next steps, then you should call a Denver roof repair contractor to help you mitigate and document the damage and to help you figure out the best restoration method. When you meet your roofer, you should ask as many questions about the roof restoration process as you can think of – here are some important topics to cover.

Denver roof repair experts

The Roofer’s Credentials

You should only work with a roofer who is properly licensed and insured in your state, so it is very important to request copies of these documents and to check them. You should also take a look at the roofer’s portfolio of work accomplished for other clients before you and it is a good idea to ask for references, too.

The Roofing Process

Knowing exactly what steps will be involved with your roofing project is very important. Talk to your roofer about the materials that will work best on your roof, about how the site will be prepared, what will happen to the waste generated during the roof restoration, how many people will work on your roof and what to expect in terms of duration and prices. You should also ask the Denver roofer to provide a written cost estimate for the repair or replacement project.

Documents and the Claims Process

You should also ask your roofer questions about the insurance claim process if your roof is covered by your home insurance policy. Get help from your roofer with the damage documentation process – a professional roofer will know how to identify even the tiniest damage caused by extreme weather on your roof, how to record evidence of the damage and how to put together the insurance claim file.

Help with Negotiations

The compensation claim process will include a visit from the insurer’s own adjuster and an compensation offer made by your insurer. If you accept the amount offered by your insurance, you will soon get the amount in your account. If the offered amount is not acceptable for you, you can negotiate either on your own or with your roofer by your side or you can turn to a lawyer. To make matters simple, ask your roofing Denver contractor whether they are willing to assist you in the negotiation process – in many cases, having an expert by your side can make all the difference and can help you get the money that you are requesting.