Important Qualities To Look For

If you consider your home to be your most important asset and you are currently looking for a professional painter to refresh the appearance of your space to make it even more welcoming and comfortable, you will probably want a painter who treats your home with as much care as you do – here are the most important qualities of a good house painting contractor that you should look for to get the best results.

Experience and Longevity in the Business

House painting is a very competitive business segment, so the time the contractor has spent in the industry is an indicative of his level of experience. Ask the painters you consider suitable for your project about how long they have been providing painting services and also ask them to provide pictures of their previous jobs to be able to determine the quality of their work. Denver construction companies that have been in business a while often have their preferences when it comes to house painting.  Find out about the painter’s license and about the qualifications he and his team members carry.


A very important quality, especially if you need to get some sensitive or problem areas painted, such as vaulted ceilings, ornaments, stuccos or cabinets. Before you hire the painting contractor, ask him about how his team will handle problem areas and also ask him to explain you why he uses the types of paint that he recommends.


Your painter will spend a lot of time in your home, among your possessions, with the members of your family, so trustworthiness is also among the most important qualities to look for in a painting contractor.

You also need to trust the contractor that his team will do a good job on your walls, prepping the walls and using the painting products as they should be used and then he will also clean up the spaces, leaving behind a perfectly clean, empty room with flawlessly painted walls.


You need a painter who answers the phone or returns the call whenever you want to get into touch with him and who can outline the entire process of painting your house in an easy to understand manner.


Painting is a profession that requires great attention to detail. You can have an idea about how accurate a painter is before he even gets to open the first can of paint in your home – by simply looking at the quote he provides. Don’t work with a painter whose quote looks messy or is unclear about financial aspects, about deadlines, warranties or the materials to be used – their work is likely to be just as messy as their quote.


If the painter you have in mind has many happy previous customers, you will probably be happy with his services, too. Ask the painter to provide at least 3 references and take your time to check them to find out if the painter is indeed as good as he says he is.

While evaluating painting companies, prepare a check-list with the most important qualities of a good house painting contractor and rate the businesses you talk to based on these qualities – it is the best way to identify the perfect painting contractor.